Access control & intercoms

Access control & intercoms


There are many types of access control systems available from a simple lock on an entry door to a full site wide system. In our opinion, all businesses need some form of access control.

Do you know who is walking around your premises at any time?

It is the owners and directors responsibility for everyone's health and safety whilst on their premises. This includes visitors that may get lost walking around your site and find themselves in a dangerous area. It also includes unwanted guests that may be trespassing and unintentionally get injured. All these scenarios are easily resolved with access control.

Know who is in your building and control where different members of staff are allowed to go.

There are many components that go into an access control system so let us guide you through the process with our expert knowledge.

Access control & intercoms


Widely used in commercial premises and now becoming popular in residential properties, intercoms - whether audio only or both video and audio - are a safe way to assess who is at your door and what they want before you decide to let them in or not.

With more distraction techniques used by criminals, intercoms keep you out of harms way.